Final Destination Mushroom Enigma: The End of Days

Ten years ago, the Chaos Door opened.

The world was engulfed in chaos. The old gods and the new gods abandoned the world. The Yoshis were released from their crystal sky prison and flooded the land. The dead rose from the grave, and the living tore each other to pieces. Brother against brother, ghost brother against ghost brother.

It was chaos.

But then, just as quickly as it had opened, the Chaos Door closed.

The True Hero, Waluigi, sacrificed himself to save the world.

But what was done was done. The horrors of the Chaos Door had been unleashed, and the world had changed forever.

It has been ten years since his death. And now it is time for

Final Destination Mushroom Enigma: The Shadow Koopa Darkness Prophecy of Destiny: The Downfall of the Two Kingdoms: Volume One: Part One: The End of Days

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