Mewd is the online alias of David Michael Kinne.

David is a normal human being who insists on writing fiction despite strongly worded advice. He aims to create goofy and heartfelt fantasy worlds that will make you cry and laugh. If left unchecked he will dabble in horror and literary genre. His favorite authors include Kurt Vonnegut, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Michael Chabon, and Douglas Adams.

David can neither confirm nor deny that he is subject to any type of ancient supernatural curse.

Video games are alarmingly important to David and he talks about them in excessive detail. Often he will seclude himself, staring off a wind swept cliff, to contemplate their profundity. He cites Odin Sphere, Final Fantasy IX, Super Mario Brothers, Earthbound, and the Quest for Glory series as points of inspiration for his own work. David frequently posts his thoughts about video games on Twitter and no one has yet succeeded at making him stop.

David was born in Independence, Missouri in the United States. He is a fan of animation and comics and mythology. He believes the best art provokes emotion in its audience, and nurtures empathy with all human experience. He hopes his own work succeeds at this task.

David would very much like to see a ghost or similar entity and this wish will, in time, be his undoing.

He is married to the powerful artist Maxwell Thomas Kinne. Together they collaborate on the incredible Jack Beloved web comic.

David is generally a very quiet and dour person but it is his hope that something on this site succeeds at making you smile.

The site banner, illustrations for Theo in the Whirlwood, and the visual elements of the Jack Beloved comic are all by Maxwell Kinne.

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