Old Stuff


Son of the Fist

I use to make radio dramas for fun with friends. One of the better and more elaborate ventures was this goofy serial: Son of the Fist. It features the voice work of a much younger and less experienced SungWon Cho. The story follows a prize-fighting heavyweight Russian boxer named Alyosha Fistovich as he punches alien robots and confronts his emotional baggage revolving around the ocean. Yes.

Conceptually it’s kind of a mess but it marks a time when I was trying to be more focused in presenting a coherent story rather than just throwing gags around.


Corporal Buggy Bear

In 2007, I made a RPG Maker XP game called Corporal Buggy Bear. It’s a gag-a-minute adventure where a violent misanthrope is coaxed into a dimension spanning adventure by a friendly demon named Donald who is questing for love. It’s really just a vehicle for fantasy jokes, but it was another massive project than I managed to see through to the end.