Corporal Buggy Bear

In a kingdom torn apart by civil war, only ONE man has the courage to stand up in the name of oppression. That man IS, Corporal Buggy Bear.

The peasants have dared to revolt against their insane, tyrannical king, and it is YOUR job to put a stop to them! As the irrational Corporal Buggy Bear you will recklessly visit dangerous places such as Dimension W, the Fortress of Xuvvtguvzx, and a quaint peasant village! Perform heroic deeds, such as single handedly storming a castle, racing a cunning rooster through a trap-laden obstacle course, as well as gathering turnips! Recruit daring and heroic companions, such as the incompetent Donald McBubblebee! Can you HANDLE this much gratuitous excitement?!

Corporal Buggy Bear is an RPG Maker XP game, made with breath-taking default graphics and music. Designed by the presumably competent Mewd, the game features four hours of game play, which hopefully isn’t entirely too many!

After playing the game, be sure to check out the Corporal Buggy Bear Radio Drama!


*NO random encounters
*No combat at all, really.
*A giant carnivorous squid.
*Puzzles and mini-games make up the bulk of the gameplay.
*Gratuitous explosions
*It’s FREE, I guess?
*A bizarre preoccupation with turnips.
*An unusual amount of violence targeting musical instruments
*Linear story line violently suppresses exploration
*An alternate ending and cutscene branches. Sort of!