Chapter Three: Memories of the Legends

Five years prior to the War of the Two Kingdoms, a great disaster befell an uncharted territory off the coast of Dry Dry Desert. A fishing boat VANISHED and EXPLODED, because the unwary Hoohooligans on board had unwittingly discovered

Kolorado Koopa, the famed explorerer, archaeologist, marine biologist, scuba diver and safari hunter, decided at once to investigate the site of the explosion because he always liked investigating strange occurances all the time.

Bringing along his closest friends and colleagues, because the mission was too dangerous for his family. Kolorado flew his bi-plane to the uncharted site of the explosion and discovered the Ancient Sunken City Of Kehk’Kulla. He decided to go check it out.

“This city is very ancient!” Russ T. observed, noticing that the ruins were very old and not new. Dr. The Angry Sun agreed, because he was very well educated and a doctor. Kooper was also there.

“Look! I have found something!” Kolorado announced, and pointed to the Swirling Vortex in the middle of the room.

“Ahhhh!” Everyone gasped in surprise.

“It is the Swirling Vortex that the ancient scrolls said would be here! How will this affect The Prophecy?!” Dr. The Angry Sun said in horror.

“Don’t look into it!” Kolorado shrieked, “It is filled with a lot of evil!”

“But what is inside of the Vortex?” Kooper asked, curiously.


Kooper looked inside the Vortex, and then gasped.

“I can see Fawful! He’s alive! I have to save him!”

“NO KOOPER!” Russ T. siezed him by the shoulder, “Fawful died in the fire! You have to let go of the past! It’s a trick!”

But it was too late, Kooper wanted to be reunited with Fawful so badly that he wrestled against Kolorado and Russ T. He leaped inside the Swirling Vortex and shrieked in excruciating and painful agony.

The Vortex turned bright black and Kooper fell from the darkness.

“We have to get him to a hospital!” Kolorado yelled, weeping.

Dr. The angry sun took his pulse, “IT’S TOO LATE! HE’S ALREADY EVIL!” he shouted.


Raising from the floor floating and covered in darkness, Kooper glared wickedly with evil eyes and he had a cigar. He summoned the Vortex Sytche and it appeared suddenly in his hands.

“I can see everything now, and the war must begin again,” Kooper said with a demonic voice, and raising his sythe, he killed Russ T. with thirteen attacks.


As their katanas clashed, the two combatants leaped across a large gorge.  Luigi knocked his sensei’s blade back and did a triple back flip.  Sensei then pulled out three katanas attached to a chain and swung them with awesome skill.

Clang!  Clang!  Clang!  Clang!  Clang!  Clang!  Clang!  Clang!  Clang!  Clang!  Clang!  Luigi blocked twelve blows with his katana.

“Your moves are too slow,” Tubba Blubba scolded.  “Make them fast and not slow.”

“I am sorry, sensei,” The green plumber apologized.  “I will train harder.  That way, I can be faster.”

“Let us rest beneath the cherry blossoms,” Tubba Blubba said.  “And meditate and stuff.”

The two sipped their apple juice in peace.  Tubba Blubba took the crazy bendy straw out of his mouth in order to give some sage advice.

“Luigi, this world…is changing.”

“What do you mean, sensei?”

“I feel that the world is changing…into chaos.”


“Yes.  The Prophecy says so.”

“What is the Prophecy, sensei?”  Luigi asked in curiosity.

“Hold on, grasshopper,” Tubba Blubba said.  “I need more apple juice.  Hold on.”  He reached over towards the pink thermos and began pouring himself another glass.

Sixty-eight arrows immediately hit the thermos, exploding it to bits.  Tubba Blubba leaped to his feet and grabbed his katana chain.  “Who’s out there?!”


“You again?  I thought you were killed when you tried to steal the Inferno Gauntlet!”

“I managed to get away and not be killed.”

“Well, now you’ll be killed,” Tubba Blubba hissed.  “By ME.”


“Run, Luigi!”  Tubba Blubba shouted.  “Run and tell the other Cherry Blossom Senseis!  Tell them that the Dark Minions of the Chaos Door have returned!”

“Wait, who?”

“The Dark Minions of the Chaos Door!”

“The Chaos Door?!”



Luigi began to run for it, but Lakilester was right in front of him.  He pulled out his crossbow and prepared to fire his fire arrows.  Luigi was about to pull out his katana, but Tubba Blubba charged in the middle.

“You’ll pay for what you did to Jimmy T!”

“He didn’t want to be part of the Dark Minions.  And you know what the Dark Minions of the Chaos Door do to people who don’t want to be Dark Minions?  THEY KILL THEM!”




“It’s been fun,” Lakilester snickered as he pulled out a dark saber.  “But playtime is OVER.”

Lakilester shot a dark beam of dark energy at Tubba Blubba.  The former gentle sensei screamed as he became consumed by the darkness.  As black flames surrounded his body, his eyes opened.  They were blood-red.  Evil blood-red.

“SENSEI!”  Luigi screamed.

“GLORY TO THE DOOR!”  Tubba Blubba roared as he pulled out eight katanas.  There were five in one hand, and three in the other hand.  He swung the three in one hand first, but Luigi dodged those.



“Sensei, snap out of it.  Please.”

“It’s no use,” Lakilester cackled.  “He’s evil now!  Like me!”

There was only one thing Luigi could do.  Tearfully, he grabbed the crazy bendy straws and jabbed them in Tubba Blubba’s eyes.  His former sensei screamed in pain and staggered around.   Tripping on the remains of the pink thermos, Tubba Blubba tumbled down the gorge.  There were sharp rocks at the bottom, and he died.

“FATHER!”  Luigi sobbed.     

“Father?  He’s not your father!”  Lakilester laughed.

“He was like a father to me.”

“Dude, that sucks.”

Luigi, enraged, picked up his sensei’s katana chain and threw it at Lakilester.  Lakilester dodged it because he could fly in his cloud.

“You’ll never escape the Chaos Door!” Lakilester threatened as he flew away.  “It will be opened!”

Luigi fell to his knees in sadness.

“I killed my own father…”

He clutched his stomach in pain and wept bitterly.  As he cried some more, he looked in the broken thermos and saw a key.

“What…what is this?”

But then he knew.  It was one of the keys to the Chaos Door.  Attached to the key was a small note.  Luigi picked it up and read it carefully.  His eyes widened in horror.

Then he screamed into the night, screaming the name of the person who was responsible for everything that had just happened.  The name was on the note.



There once was a little known cavern beneath the waters of Butter Bridge, guarded by ancient shark demons and caught in a perpetual hurricane.  Inside it was said to be a connection to the Darkness Realm and an item of unspeakable power.

A small sailing vessel floated on the choppy, unstable waters outside of this mysterious cave.  Inside, four penguins were on an expedition to find out once and for all what secrets the place guarded.     

“This way, boys!” the eldest announced, pointing his torch down a very straight corridor.  “Not much further now, I can feel it!”

Pennington, Mayor Penguin and Tuxie followed behind Penbert, the father of the former.  Pennington was observing the nine hundred and forty seven purple crystals sticking out of the walls, radiating dark energies.

“This place is most peculiar!” he said, rubbing his chin.  “These purple crystals appear to be radiating a dark energy!”

Tuxie looked aside, not able to think of anything to say. He was shy.

“My god!” Penbert yelled, nearly dropping his torch.  “Look at THAT!”

There was an orb on the ground.  It was swirling with evil radiation not fit for modern civilization.  Penbert laughed, running up to the object and observing it.

“Most peculiar!” Pennington announced.  “I believe this is, what they call… the Dark Influence!”

Tuxie gasped.

“This is it, boys!” Penbert cackled loudly.  “THIS IS WHAT WE’VE COME FOR!”

“We should put it inside of our museum,” Pennington suggested.

Penbert glanced backwards at his son.  “The… museum?” He turned towards Pennington.  “Oh yes, indeed, we’ll put it in the museum.”  He lifted it up.  “But… not on display!”

Immediately the cavern exploded with dark electricity.  Pennington and Tuxie fell backwards as Penbert was engulfed in the darkness.  The walls fell apart, revealing portals into the Darkness Realm.  The penguins could see sixty seven demons reaching out for them from behind the portals.

“NO!” Mayor Penguin bellowed, charging towards Penbert.

“Destroy him, Penbertus!” a voice commanded from the portal.

Penbert launched a dark missile at Mayor Penguin.  He was engulfed in dark fire.  With his last breath, he screamed something loud and incoherent.  Mayor Penguin was dead.

“Just as the prophecy said…” Penbert laughed, “The power is MINE! And of course, I’ll need minions…”

Tuxie was zapped with dark electricity.  He screamed in utter agony as his spirit was transformed into darkness.  Pennington jumped in front of the stream and took some of it for his friend, but it was too late.  Tuxie’s eyes were glowing a neon purple color.

“Come, my boy,” Penbert said, reaching an arm out to his injured son.  “We have a job to do!”

Pennington assessed the situation, and thought about resisting, but something in his head wanted to go with his father… something dark…

The voice rang out again.  “Go now, Followers of the Darkness, and carry out the prophecy before it’s too late!”

Tuxie and Penbert laughed, exiting the cave and leaving the ashes of Mayor Penguin behind.  Pennington fought his inner demons, but eventually, the inner demons won, and he went with them.


Their dark black cloaks fluttered sinisterly in the darkness.  Around a long table were seventeen chairs.  Seventeen figures in dark black cloaks sat in the chairs, while two stood up because there weren’t enough chairs.

“A new era is rising,” The leader whispered.  It was impossible to see his face because it was dark.  Also, he was wearing a mask.

“What?”  Someone asked.

“I said, a new era is rising.  The dark era.  The dark era of Organization Seventeen.”

There was much discussion amongst the members of Organization Seventeen.  Finally, one of the members stood up and slammed her fists on the table.


Everyone stopped talking and became silent.

“Now,” Tayce T. began.  “Now that everyone is silent, I can talk.  I have recently heard news that the Crystal King is planning on interfering with our plans.  He must be taken care of.”

“How so?” One member asked.

“With DEATH.”


“Be seated, Tayce T.,” The leader ordered.  Tayce T. sat down grudgingly and began picking lint off her dark black cloak.  The leader then turned around.  He then turned around again to face the members.

“Now is not the time to worry about such meaningless and dumb matters.  We must focus our efforts on claiming the Seventeen Arch-Angels of the Prophecy.”

“But in order to complete that, we must kill all who stand in our way!”  Tayce T. cried.

“I agree!” 

“So do I!”


One of the members took off her hood to reveal herself as none other than Watt.  “I’ll kill Crystal King, like how I killed Flurrie!”


All of the members turned to face one of the members that wasn’t them.  The member took off his hood to reveal himself as none other than E. Gadd.

“I’ve had enough of these rascally schemes!”  E. Gadd shrieked as he pulled out a grenade launcher.  “I was never really a member at all!  My allegiances lie with Organization Enigma!  I’m betraying you guys, did you know that?!”

Gasps could be heard amongst Organization Seventeen.

“You would betray us,” The leader hissed.  “For Organization ENIGMA?!”


“Well, your life ends here,” Tayce T. snarled as she pulled out a gatling gun.  “Because I’m going to shoot you and you’re going to die.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it!”

The ceiling exploded and Merlon leaped down from the ceiling.  Clutching two chainguns, he fired them recklessly into the eighteen Organization Seventeen members.  Seven of them got hit, but didn’t die, and eleven of them didn’t get hit and also didn’t die.

“You want more?!”  Merlon bellowed at the members.

“No!”  One of the members cried.

“Well, too bad, because I’m going to shoot more bullets at you!”

“Merlon, we have to get out of here!”  E. Gadd pleaded.

“No, Elvin,” Merlon sighed.  “You get out of here.  I’ll distract them with the bullets I’m shooting from my chainguns.”

“But they outnumber you eighteen guys to one guy which is you!”

“It’s okay, Elvin.  It’s okay.”


“RUN!”  Merlon ordered.  “RUN REALLY FAST AWAY FROM HERE!”

E. Gadd wiped the tears from his eyes and put on his mechano pants.  He then ran away, refusing to look back because he didn’t want to see Merlon die.

The leader sneered, but no one could see him sneer because it was so dark and he was still wearing a mask.  “So Merlon, what will you do now?  We outnumber you eighteen guys to one guy.”


“This what?”


Merlon took out three more chainguns and fired them really fast.  As the members of Organization Seventeen dodged all the bullets and swarmed in on him with their dark blades, Merlon whispered his last words.

“The Chaos Door…”

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