Chapter Four: Forbidden Nightmare of Destruction

“Just tell us the launch codes and this can all be over,” Tutan Koopa whispered icily through the cellphone, “We don’t have to play these games.”

A trickle of sweat ran down Mallows brow, he wiped it away and glanced down the many corridors of the Labyrnth of Madness. “You’re not going to get anything out of me, BUSTER,” he squeaked fearfully.

The lights flickered ominous, and there came a booming, horrific snarl from beyond the walls. Mallow repressed a shriek.

“We will get them with or without you. Its your choice whether to throw away your life. We’ve already captured Grass Land AND the crimson chalice, Mallow. There’s nothing you can do about it. Stop delaying the inevitable.” Tutankoopa hissed.

“I…” Mallow hesitated, he didn’t really want to trust his greatest enemy. He wondered if he should.

“Ill let you think about it.” There was a click, and the phone went dead and then exploded in Mallows face and then he fell down.

There was a sliding groan of steel on stone and the creaking of cog wheels. An immense gate slid open, and the room began slowly filling with liquid hot lava and angry crocodiles.

The PA system crackled to life, Tutankoopa’s sinister laughter rang out through it

“Starting to get a little scared?” Chortled the garbled voice of the ancient koopa pharroh, “Good. I spent seven hundred and eleven years crafting this labrynth. Centuries of effort have been poured into making this the deadliest and most inescapable dungeon ever. I have waited so long for a victim. Of course, you could always spoil my fun by telling us the launch code. Or…”

With a clank, spikes protruded from the ceiling and it began descending rapidly. Mallow inched away from the encroaching lava. The crocodiles snapped at Mallow furiously. They were upset about the lava and spiky ceiling.

“You can join your precious Merlow in THE AFTER LIFE.”

“Back off!” Mallow demanded, and lashed at the crocodiles with his plasma whip. This made them even angrier, and then they attacked!

Leaping out of the way, Mallow latched his whip onto a rail over a bottomless chasm and swung across. The crocodiles tried jumping across too, but none of them had plasma whips so they fell down the pit instead.

Mallow, wanting to get away from the descending ceiling of death, quickly entered a door labeled Exit.

He entered into a round room with an immense bejeweled throne, where MIPS the rabbit sat holding the Nightmare Scepter.

MIPS glowered and flicked his ears menacingly. “You’re late, for this very important date. You should know that the only thing I respect is punctuality.”

Mallow backed away, but the door was suddenly locked behind him. “What are you DOING here?”

“I am the new leader of the Brotherhood of Nightmares, Mallow. I killed Raphael the Raven myself. I will personally see to it that The Prophecy is STOPPED.”

“IMPOSSIBLE!” Mallow shouted, unable to control his rage, “The Prophecy MUST be fulfilled.”

“The Prophecy is a conspiracy. A veil over the eyes of the people. If I don’t put an end to this, they will find out what The Prophecy truly means for us,” MIPS looked entreatingly at Mallow, “Please, young prince, give us the launch codes so that we can put a stop to this. There are lives at stake. Seaside Town may be next.”

Mallow stopped, and considered this. Was The Prophecy be wrong? It could be. He hadn’t thought of that. Maybe it was. He didn’t know. But what if the prophecy was RIGHT? That was also possible. He wondered if he could trust the Brotherhood of Nightmares.

“Please, Mallow. You’re our only hope.”

Mallows plasma whip deactivated and fell to the floor. Tears were streaming down his eyes.

“The password is Koopasta12345”


“How could this happen to meeee?”  Green sobbed as he lay on the cold stone floor.  The blood spilled from his nose where he had gotten punched by a fist. 

“You made your mistakes.”

Green looked up to find himself face to face with Beldam.  She kicked the Ninjakoopa viciously in his side, causing him to roll over in pain.  Beldam then pulled out her chain-scythe.

“Now tell me.  Who knows the Dark Sonata?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t you lie to me, you liar.  Kylie Koopa paid for lying to me with her life.”

“But I don’t know anything!”

“Lies!  Liar, liar, pants on fire!”

As Beldam screeched these words, she appropriately froze Greens legs to the floor with an ice blast.  She then grabbed the Ninjakoopa by the neck and attempted to lift him, but didn’t get very far because his legs were frozen to the floor.

“How many of you Ninjakoopas do I have to kill before I get all of the Dark Secrets of the Forgotten?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Well, maybe THIS will refresh your memory!”

Beldam pulled a big red lever and a big blue door opened.  Toadette could be seen tied to a chair and surrounded by seven spikes.  Green gasped in horror.


“Yes, and also your girlfriend, Toadette!”


“Now prepare yourself,” Beldam cackled as she brought out her robot laser claw hand.  “For your time to DIE!”

Beldam shot fourteen lasers at Green.  The nimble Ninjakoopa leaped over three of them, ducked under four of them, and also dodged the rest.  Green attempted to run over to Toadette, but those spikes were in the way.

“Save yourself, Green!”

“Not until I save you!”

“Run, Green!  And don’t let her have the Dark Sonata!  Who knows what would happen if she got the Dark Sonata?!  She already killed Burt the Bashful for the Tome of Ages!”

Lasers rained from above.  Beldam cackled maniacally as robot spider legs sprang from her torso.  Green managed to run over to his trident and grabbed it ferociously.

“Got nowhere to run!”  Beldam screeched.

“The night goes on, Beldam!”

Green jumped ten feet into the air and threw his golden trident dramatically.  It pierced through the Sirens robot spidery body and pinned her against the far wall.  The robot legs and laser claw hand dissolved into goo.

“As I’m fading away…”

Beldam’s body slowly began dissolving as well.  She lifted one hand toward Green weakly.  Green rushed over to her side.

“Beldam, Beldam, no…”

“Green, you must live.”


“Keep the Dark Sonata away from the two kingdoms.  It will only lead them to ruin.”


“And Green, Red isn’t dead.  He joined…the Organization.  Organization Enigma.  He joined it.”


“And the Crown of Twilight.  The prophecy says you must find it…”


“…I’m sick of this life.  I just wanna scream.”


“How could this happen to meee….”

Green sobbed as Beldam dissolved in his arms.  His former lover was gone.  As he glanced into the stars, he swore that he would never forgive Belome.  Ever.


“Sire,” announced a Hammer Brother clad in samurai armor.  “I have a message, from our allies at Cookie Mountain.”

A large Nokobon sat in his glorious throne before him.  He had a scar across his left eye, golden shoulder pads, a crown upon his head and a golden, diamond-encrusted katana at his side.  In his lap rested his pet Dino-torch, who was exhaling flames as he snored.

“Very well,” he announced.  “Stewards, read his message. And behead this man!”

A pair of Clubbas grabbed the scroll out of the messengers hands and he was dragged away by a Mr. I.

One of the Clubbas opened the scroll and began reading.

My Dear Friend,

Dark times are upon us.  As you know, the world is in great peril.  There is but one hope if we wish to conserve life as we know it.  A way to seal away the evil for at least 2000 years.  And…

“W..e .p!”

…the demon lords… magic crystals…

“Wa..ig., ge. Up!”


“It is time to accept your fate, Waluigi!”

Waluigi began to stir from his strange dream.  The world around him slowly came into view as blurs of red, gray and purple began forming objects.  He noticed that his hands had been tied behind his back, and the wind was very hot.

As Waluigi came to see the world around him, utter shock coursed through his entire body.  He was tied to a pole on a large stone altar floating high in the sky, and all around him, Bub-Ulbs and Swoopers were locked in fierce combat.  The sky was red, with a ring of blackened clouds floating above them.  There were mountains in the distance that appeared to be set aflame.

“Do not worry about the chaos, Waluigi” boomed a mysterious voice.

Waluigi looked ahead and saw a massive shadowy figure surrounded by a magical barrier.

“I have you exactly where I want you,” the voice said.

“Curse you, vile fiend!” yelled a voice from the other side of the pole. “Ill never succumb to your evil!”

“Oh, Ive forgotten to introduce you to my friend,” the voice announced.  “Waluigi, meet your co-prisoner, Flavio!”

“What have you done!?” Waluigi shouted at the mysterious figure.  “What madness is this!?”

“Its all as the prophecy has predicted, is it not, Waluigi?”  the voice asked.

Waluigi looked aside.  “This… this isn’t right…” He looked up towards the massive beast.  “I know that voice…” he began.  “And there’s only one man twisted enough to do all this… Wise Wisterwood!”

The gigantic tree turned around and faced the anti-plumber, cackling heartily.  The door embedded in his roots had an evil rune crafted in it and was glowing mysteriously.  “You’re more clever than I thought, Waluigi!”

“What’s going on?” Flavio demanded.  “What do you want with us!?”

“All will become clear in due time, my dear Flavio!” the tree chuckled.  “For now, I want you to see what has become of your precious kingdom!”

Waluigi struggled to escape from the rope that bound him, but to no avail.  It was probably knotted like ten times, and was very tight!

Flavio looked at the rope, and suddenly an idea popped in his head.  He wiggled the dagger in his pocket into the rope, slowly cutting it.  Eventually, after thirty two strokes, they were cut free!

Waluigi quickly reached for his lightsaber and pointed it towards the sinister tree.

“Thinking about resisting, are you?” Wisterwood laughed.  “I wouldn’t try it.  Larry Koopa tried, and… well, lets say he didn’t have the best of luck!”

Flavio and Waluigi could only watch in awe as the darkness-fused Koopa rose from the ground, radiating a dark energy.  His eyes glowed with a neon yellow light.

Wisterwood smiled. “Let the games… begin!”


The night was glowing with the starry lights as a rainbow light flashed with intense rays of magical shines and stars as the guardian of the cosmos descended from the majestic heavens to take form in his powered doll form. Yes, it was Geno, the star warrior of the Smithy wars. The blue caped wonder stepped down on the frosting of the gigantic birthday cake. As Geno took fully form, the lights died down and all that could be seen were from the glow of the candles placed inside Peach’s Birthday Cake. A large noise like a vacuum sounded in the dark.

“I was expecting to find you here,” Geno said.

Gourmet Guy lifted his face from the pile of icing and slurped all the remains from his face with his Scooby-Dooby-Doo sized tongue. “Geno, my old friend, it has been too long.”

The Star Warrior smiled and winked. “I told you our paths would cross again.” Geno’s face turned from happy to very serious and sad. “But I come with dreadful news.”

Gourmet Guy burped. “What on earth is it?”

Geno lowered his voice to but a whisper, “The time of prophecy draws nigh.” After noticing his companion completely oblivious to the nature of said prophecy Geno continued further. “The Chaos Door is to be opened… and the War of the Two Kingdoms will begin.”

Gourmet Guy ate another piece of cake. “Is this that thing you told me about?”

“Yes, my truest comrade.” Geno looked over his shoulder and embraced the fat Shy Guy. “I must insist you take shelter, these plains will no longer be safe in little time. In fact… it might be too late.”

Gourmet Guy shriveled. “Where will I go?”

“Lavalava Island. It is the only safe haven… there you will be protected by the Sphinx Boomerang Brother,” Geno explained.

Gourmet Guy finished hugging the little wooden man. “I will go there. But what will you do?”

Geno closes his eyes, obviously emotional. “I have something very important to do, I have to unlock the Crystal D…”

“AHHHH OWWWCH!” Gourmet Guy cried.

Geno opened his eyes suddenly and was SHOCKED to see Gourmet Guy cut in half in front of him. “What?! NO! WHO DID THIS!?”

SMACK! Geno fell into the delicious cake-y ground as a dark figure glided across the giant pastry and stopped suddenly before the downed Star Warrior.

“Geno… look out… for… yourself…” Gourmet Guy mutters in his final breath.

Geno looks up with fiery eyes that evaporate the tears he was crying over his dead friend. He gets a good look at the fiend who killed the Shy Guy …and screamed! For the fiend looked just like him, except with a dark red and black hat and evil yellow eyes. He also carried a star-powered scythe with him that looks awesome as well as fearsome.

“YOU!” Geno cried.

“That’s right, ME! Chaos Geno!” Chaos Geno introduces himself.

“BUT HOW! The Chaos Door isn’t–!” Geno shouted.

Chaos Geno slaps Geno into the torso of his big fat dead friend. “I don’t need to follow any rules! Hya!” The blunt end of the scythe smashes into Geno’s face and he begins bleeding at the lips. “Now say goodnight, palllllllzy!”

Geno reacted quickly and shoved his hand forward, opening the arm cannon safely tucked away in his body. “Goodnight.” With a brilliant flash of blue and white, Chaos Geno was thrown into the dark night, not dead but defeated. The Star Warriors hand reconstructed itself as he slowly got up and tended to his wounds. His eyes turned to the deceased masked Shy Guy beneath him, and a single tear went down his wooden face. 

The candlelight on Peach’s celestial birthday cake dwindled while Geno buried his lifelong friend in the buttercreme soil. Before he left, Geno moved an icing rose over the grave of the demised Gourmet Guy, and then rose into the stars. Meanwhile, the dark sunglasses/fedora wearing Goomba, Agent Smithoshi watches on for a single moment before disappearing into the void of green lines.

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