Son of the Fist radio drama

SOF album cover

In the far flung future world of 1997 AD, Earth is facing crisis. The governments of the world are helpless before the might of an invading Martian empire that no military force in the world can stop. Desperate, humanity is left with but one possible recourse: Enlist the help of the world’s most POWERFUL major league boxer (so that he can beat up the aliens.)

Can one man in boxing gloves put a halt to the Alien War Machine? Or will Earth be destroyed once and for all when its most vital resource is taken away?

Witness the final battle between the unknowable armies of the Red Planet and a guy who punches things in this thrilling ten part epic Radio Drama Webisode Internet Mini-series!(!!)

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Voice Actors SungWon Cho — Alyosha Fistovich, Fisticufski, Rick Tigerpunch, Martian Retrieval Robot Beta, Newscaster 1, Secretary of State Richard Hamburgenson, Martian Robot Public Announcement System Zeta

Alex Mankin — Barry the temp, boxing announcer, Newscaster 2, Child Fistovich

Moises D./Zenywolf (Zenywolf @ gmail DOT com) — Master Imperial Martian Robot Gamma

Wiggy — The President, Martian Scanner Robot Alpha

David Kinne — Martian Enforcer Robot Epsilon, The Ocean, Price Gouger Grocery Cashier

Creative input: Sungwon Cho, Elvis Kunesh, Madam Luna, Wiggy, Jackson Wyse, Alex Mankin, Kraig Phelps, John Scnhell, Ric Carnahan

Special Thanks Maxwell Kinne — Album Cover

Mike Koenig — Sound Bible

Kevin McLeod — Incompetech ‘Action’ ‘Eyes gone Wrong’ ‘Harmful or Fatal’ ‘In a heartbeat’ ‘Interloper’ ‘MTA’ ‘Plans in Motion’ ‘The Way Out’ ‘Variation at Egmont’ ‘Eighties Action’

Brian Holmes — ‘Mmm Mmm Muzak’ courtesy of Newgrounds Audio Portal sshafty 1 — ‘5 minutes to Midnight’ Brian Boyko — Maestro a Short Edgy Electric Guitar Flavoured Theme

Larry Cribb — Tigerpunch Inspirational Theme

Wiggy — Fistovich Theme

The following users for their contributions: AGFX, Belloq, Benboncan, Bennychico11, Bliss, C97059890, CGEffex, DaveGould, Daveincamas, Dropthedyle, Dynamicell, ERH, FreqMan, Hell’s Sound Guy, Hello_flowers, Ice9ine, Incarnadine, Inferno, Johansyd, Jovica, Kayyy, LG, Martypinso, Medialint, MiceHead, Morgantj, NoiseCollector, Nthompson, Orehek, Plagasul, Pooleside, Pujal, Pushtobreak, RHumphries, Razzvio, Robinhood76, Roscoetoon, Rutgermuller, Sagetyrtle, Slanesh, Studiob, Suonho, THE_bizniss, Timbre, Tlipfert, ToddBradley, Tyldurd, Victorcenusa, ZuluT