Chapter Seven: Intertwining Fates and Destinies

Jinx stood with his back turned, his cape fluttering in the wind as the giant meteor he stood on hurtled towards the Planet at almost sixty miles an hour. Kamek stood opposite of the feisty fighter, his magic machine gun pointed with pin-point decision.

“This ends NOW, Jinx. I’ll kill you now, if don’t stop the rock!”

Jinx turned his head slightly, and met Kamek’s gaze with only one hallow eye. “It doesn’t matter. Life form X MUST be brought to our planet or none will know the true salvation of The All Mind.”

Kamek trembled, and steadied the aim of his gun. “THIS IS MADNESS!” He shouted, trying to hold back teasr, “If this meteor isn’t stopped now, it will COMPLETELY DESTROY Booster Hill!”

A smirk spread across Jinx’s face. “Good Riddance.”

In an explosion of emotion, Kamek open fired. Geometric shapes blasted from the tip of the machine gun and rocketed towards Jinx really, really fast, but he stopped them by punching them.

“You can’t stop me,” Jinx grinned mercilessly.



Kamek did a twirling backflip and shot his machine gun at Jinx continously.

“Very well then.” Jinx muttered, looking down, “If you will not stop trying to stop me, than I will have to stop YOU. Behold the true power of the All Mind!”

Dodging another burst of artillery from Kamek, two giant insect wings sprouted from the back Jinx. His skin became hard and black and covered with spikes and claws, his eyes and mohawk became evil, his cape turned to blood red, and chainsaws erupted from his hands.

“No! Jinx! Don’t listen to Lifeform X! It is evil!”

“It is not evil!” Jinx roared in a demonic voice while covered in The Darkness, “IT IS THE WAY OF TRUE PEACE.”

“Not it’s not!”

“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE STUPID!” Jinx swooped down and began shooting a lot of chainsaws out of his hands at Kamek.

Kamek dodged out of the way and returned fire, but Jinx punched Kamek in the face. Quickly rising his gun to guard his face from the chainsaws, Jinx slowly began sawing through the gun with his reving chainsaw hands.

“You can’t do this! This isn’t part of The Prophecy!

“Or maybe,” Jinx snarled as his chainsaw hands slowly inched towards Kamek’s face, “…This was part of The Prophecy all along.”

Kamek’s eyes widened at the sudden realization, but at that instant, the meteor smashed into Booster Hill with a massive explosion. As the vaporizing blast obliterated the meteor and Booster Hill, Kamek shed a single tear for all of the beetles who would be wiped out in the catastrophe. In a blinding flash of light, Jinx and Kamek were destroyed utterly.

As the dust settled, there was nothing left but the resonanting growl of Lifeform X. With a terrifying howl, the monstrous monstrosity rose from the pit to unveil the monster known as the All Mind.


“Welcome to the new stage of history.”

Toadsworth’s eyes opened as he found himself in a dark room.  In front of him was a chair illuminated by three flashlights and there was a monkey sitting in it.  Ukkiki grinned maniacally as he smoothed back his incredible pompadour.

“Where am I?”

“You are inside…the DARKNESS ROOM.”

The lights turned on.  Ukkiki turned them off.

“The darkness…” Toadsworth groaned as he shoved aside his sniper rifle and throwing knives.  “Where is it coming from?”

“Your heart,” Ukkiki answered.  “It is becoming dark.  Soon, it will not be light.”




“Yes.  Wallow in your despair.”

Toadsworth leapt to his feet without hesitation and aimed one of his throwing knives at Poochy’s head.  “Let me out of here, Ukkiki,” Toadsworth threatened.  “Or Poochy gets killed by one of my throwing knives.”


Toadsworth threw the knife and Poochy died in five seconds.

“Okay, now let me out of here.”


“Fine then,” Toadsworth sulked as he sat down in a beanbag chair.  He glared at Ukkiki defiantly.  “Tell me what you want from me.”

“Oh, nothing much,” Ukkiki started.  “We just want to know where you’re hiding Red Ninjakoopa.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’m through with words,” Ukkiki snarled as he pulled out the Inferno Gauntlet.  “After I punch you a lot with this Inferno Gauntlet, you will tell me or you will die from the punches.  But you will probably tell me first.  I will show you the GREATEST NIGHTMARE with this Inferno Gauntlet.”

“Wh-where did you get that?”

“Let’s just say that Red Goomba wasn’t so successful in finding it,” Ukkiki giggled.  “And by that, I mean he got shot with forty-nine bullets.”

“That’s forty-nine bullets too many, Ukkiki,” Toadsworth said grimly.  “You’ll pay for each one of those bullets with your LIFE.”

Toadsworth began firing the sniper rifle from two feet away.  Ukkiki used the Inferno Gauntlet to fly in the air and dodged the bullets.  Toadsworth then revealed his trump card: his rocket launcher leg.

“Be gone, you scum!”

Toadsworth shot eight rockets at Ukkiki, but they all missed and made big holes in the wall.  Taking this opportunity, the old Toad leaped through one of the holes and shot sixteen rockets in mid-air.  Ukkiki destroyed those rockets with mind bullets.

“With mind bullets?!”

“That’s telekinesis, Toadsworth.”

“How bout the power…to move you?”  A third voice asked.

Ukkiki whirled to find eleven machetes flying at him at a really super fast speed.  He ducked, but one of them tore off his arm. 

“OW!  GEEZ!”

Jr. Troopa landed on his feet gracefully, with his purple cape billowing in the wind.  He held his magic power staff to his chest and floating around his body floated thirty floating machetes.

“Well then,” Jr. Troopa announced dramatically.  “Let us dance.”

Ukkiki was enraged and so mad.  “SWORDS ARE NOT TOYS!”

With all of his rage and anger, Ukkiki began to charge up his Inferno Gauntlet with super powerful energy.  He roared really loudly and leaped into the air.



Ukkiki let out a bellowing roar of anger. 


Jr. Troopa opened the door to the Darkness Room and opened up the door to Dark Chaos Space.  Ukkiki got sucked out really fast, but Toadsworth and Jr. Troopa didn’t.  The Inferno Punch exploded in a tremendous light.  You could see it in space.

“Ha, ha.  Not even the Inferno Punch stands a change against Dark Chaos Space,” Jr. Troopa chuckled.

“Ha, ha.  That’s ironic.”

Little did both of them know that in Dark Chaos Space, a figure was soaring on rocket boots.  He went over to where Ukkiki was floating around, all dead and stuff.  The figure yanked the Inferno Gauntlet from the dead monkey’s claws and cackled.

“SOON!  SOON, EVERYTHING WILL BE COMPLETE!”  Big Lantern Ghost screeched as he flew off into the depths of Dark Chaos Space.


Three figures sat together on the Flower Fields Subway.  One was wearing a tight hoodie and his identity was unknown.  A Nimbian sat across from him with a giant golden statue of Wart next to him.  The third figure was Eldstar, asleep on some newspapers next to the hooded figure.

The two glanced at each other a whole lot of times as the subway made its trek through the dark, wet tunnels underneath the Mushroom Kingdom.  Eldstar coughed a bit and rolled over on his makeshift bed.

“Lovely weather,” Garro commented, looking out the window, despite the darkness of the subway.

“Indeed…” the figure replied, tightening up his hoodie.

The subway hit a bump and the figure dropped his present.  It lay there alone in the middle of the subway, waiting for someone to pick it up.

“You dropped somethin’,” Garro said shrewdly.

The figure stood up and leaned over to grab his gift, but as he bent over, two drops of water fell from his hood.  He glanced up and saw Garro grimacing.

“I’ve got you now!”

He grabbed his Wart statue and the crown opened up to reveal the nozzle of a bazooka.

“Oh my goodness!” the figure shouted, pulling out an uzi and throwing off his hoodie.

“I’ve been looking for you, Crystal King,” Garro said, puffing a cigar that came seemingly out of nowhere.

“I don’t want any business with you, Garro,” the icy king said, pointing his gun directly at Garro’s forehead.

“That’s too bad,” Garro said, frowning.  “Because you have some now!”

Garro shot around four shots from his bazooka.  Crystal King jumped over the resulting explosion and fired his uzi randomly in the air, causing a pipe to land next to Garro.

“GRRRRRR!” Garro growled in anger.  He fired eight missiles towards Crystal King, who was running down the side of the cart to avoid them.  He did three backflips while throwing ninja stars, knocking the statue out of Garro’s hands!

“I have you!” Crystal King laughed, firing his uzi randomly around the Subway.  Garro dived under the bullets and grabbed his weapon, ducking for cover behind a leather seat.

Eldstar started stirring from the noise, but went back to sleep because he was pretty tired.

Crystal King was ducking behind another seat, reloading his uzi.  He wondered if Garro was approaching, because he didn’t know, because he wasn’t looking.  He peaked over the seat.

Only Eldstar was in the cart.

“What the!?” Crystal King gasped.

The roof above him exploded as a rain of bazooka rockets fell directly onto Crystal King.  He quickly rolled out of the way at the last minute, firing his uzi upwards.  He heard cackling from the hole in the roof the bazooka made, so he jumped up on top of the subway.

Garro smirked as his opponent stood before him.  “Trying to halt the prophecy, are we?”

“The prophecy is all wrong!” Crystal King shouted with tears in his eyes.  “It’s not too late to stop it!”

“The prophecy is NOT stoppable, you idiot!”  Garro yelled, firing three rockets into the air. “Gooper Blooper was a doubter as well.  Which is why he got what was coming to him.”

“He died!” Crystal King said.

“I know!” Garro laughed.  “And now you will too!”

“Not if I shoot you in the head first!” the Duplighost growled, pointing his gun forward with his finger on the trigger.

Suddenly, he had a rapier sticking out of his back.  He dropped the gun and turned around to view his murderer.  “You… you monsters!” He dropped dead in front of Eldstar.

“Those poor souls,” the star said, frowning.  “They think they can stop the prophecy, but they can’t, because the prophecy is unstoppable!”

“What’s in the present?” Garro asked, putting away his Wart bazooka.

Eldstar opened the gift.  “It’s… a note!”

“We’ll read this later…” Garro said, looking ahead.  “We’ve got some unfinished business with Goombaria…”


“Clear the way! Move it!” shouted a frantic Bootler, quickly wheeling an occupied stretcher through the crowded hallways of DADist Hospital East. “MAKE WAY!”

Patients and doctors dove out of the way so as not to get in the way of the ghost.  Bootler turned three corners and went up an elevator and turned a fourth corner and then bumped into Boshi.

“Ow!” Bootler said.  “Boshi, get out of the way!”

“What?” Boshi said.

“Get out of the way!”


Boshi got out of the way and Bootler continued wheeling the new patient into the Emergency Room.

“Oh my gosh!” Dr. The Angry Sun shouted, rising from his computer.  “What happened!?”

Bootler fought to hold back tears.  “It was so sudden… apparently Flurrie had something to do with it…”

“Flurrie!” the sun spat, clenching his fists.  “She will pay for all this, damn it!”

“What’s going on!?” shouted two more doctors simultaneously, running into the room.

“It’s bad, it’s real bad,” Dr. The Angry Sun explained.  “His pulse is dropping and his statistics are pretty bad. He’s unconscious at the moment, and if we don’t operate soon, he may fall into cardiac arrest… forever!”

The two new physicians gasped.  The shorter, more Italian of the two stepped forward. “Let’s operate-a on-a him now!”

“Right you are, Dr. Mario,” said Dr. Topper, putting on latex gloves.  “We have to hurry, there’s little time to be wasted.”

Dr. The Angry Sun pulled the covers from the patient’s face.  Tatanga lie motionless, his eyes wide open, with a sense of fear filling both of them.

“Give me-a the scalpel-a!” Dr. Mario demanded, tossing multicolored pills into Tatanga’s throat.  Dr. Topper gave Mario the scalpel.

Beads of sweat forming on Mario’s forehead, he slowly made an incision across the alien’s forensic artery.  The only chance they had was to bypass his neumatonic system and place an artificial tube at the center of his heart.  The doctor worked carefully, his two companions and Bootler standing by, their hearts seeming to beat the seconds as they passed.

“This is terrible…” Bootler said, remembering all the times Tatanga had been there for him.  “He didn’t deserve this. Nobody deserves this.”

“Do you think…” Doctor Topper began.  “…this could be a sign of the prophecy?”

With that dreaded word that had cursed his family for generations, Dr. The Angry Sun lost it.  He roared and leapt for the ignorant Dr. Topper, who caught on fire because Dr. The Angry Sun is made of fire and is very hot to the touch.

“NO-A!!!” Dr. Mario screamed, pulling back the angry Sun.  However, it was too late. Dr. Topper had given his last autopsy.  He was gone.  Dr. The Angry Sun had killed him accidentally.

The three stood there in panic, unsure what to do. Tatanga’s condition worsened.  Dr. The Angry Sun broke down.

“No!” he cried. “NO!!! I’ve killed my best friend!” He turned to his cohorts.  “I… I don’t deserve to be a surgeon… I must go into isolation…”

“Don’t talk-a like that-a!” Dr. Mario cried.  “You must help people-a-a!”

“I can’t help people…” the sun replied.  “I’m… useless! USELESS!” He flew out the window to Desert Land.

Bootler and Dr. Mario turned to Tatanga.  His heart monitor continued to make the occasional beep, but the sight was far from relieving.  Tatanga had fallen into a coma. The surgery was a failure.

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