Theo in the Whirlwood

Theodore Grayweather dreams of a quiet life study attending university… but made the mistake of being born the son of a famed knight. Before he has a chance to enroll in his first class he is yanked away to serve as a peacekeeper of the Whirlwood Valley: A magical forest teeming with mischievous fey and monstrous ghasts.

The creatures of the Whirlwood aren’t happy. There aren’t enough enchantments or haunting territories to go ‘round and the humans in charge don’t take them seriously. There’s talk of revolt. A plot to overthrow the throne. The last guy sent to fix this mess was murdered. But Theo is assured he’ll be fine.

This isn’t the life Theo wants. Classes are starting and he needs to get out of this assignment before he winds up dead like his dad. But the more he learns about the creature of the Whirlwood the harder it is to turn his back on them.

Theo in the Whirlwood is available to be read here, on, Wattpad, Archive of Our Own, and Fictionpress.

Episode 1: The Red Caps

Theo is conscripted to serve as Ranger Deputy of the Whirlwood Valley and finds his life imperiled by the murderous Red Caps. Theo searches for a way to escape his assignment but hesitates when he finds new friendships.

Episode 2: The Ring

A man has been murdered. All evidence points to the killer being a ghast, a shadowy magical creature that feeds on fear. The village is ready for mob justice but Theodore talks them out of it. He agrees to find the culprit, frightened it might be a criminal he let go free.

Episode 3: The Toy Knight

A man has been murdered. All evidence points to the killer being a ghast, a shadowy magical creature that a disease is spreading in the city and the healers can’t keep pace. Fairies, caught breaking into quarantine to use magic on humans, have been identified as the cause. Theodore is summoned to investigate, but things get complicated when he hears the other side of the story…

Episode 4: The Prince

Oboe brings a wayward prince to Theodore in the dead of night. The noble youth wants to escape the rule of his father to live a simple and common life of his own choosing. Theodore promises to help, but the prince is pursued by the Knight Detective and his men. He sends Oboe to hide the prince while he distracts the knights.

Episode 5: The Fair Lady

Oboe, having been pardoned for her crime of enchanting the prince, returns to her childhood home to atone. When she was a child she broke the law of her people by enchanting a human and was exiled for it. Oboe cannot live with the shame of repeating this mistake, and expects to be killed.

Episode 6: The Sword

Theodore leaves the Fairy circle with something he never expected: Evidence that his father was embroiled in an attempt to assassinate the Fair Lady. There is a conspiracy to overthrow the kingdom and he needs to investigate the sword and get to the truth.

Episode 7: The Ranger Deputy

Trust between humans and creatures is destroyed and the kingdom is on the verge of civil war. Theodore is the one person in a position to broker peace. At least until the Knight Detective strips him of his rank and authority.