Episode 6 Chapter 32

There was a pounding at the door. The barrier failed the moment The Fair Lady stopped breathing. All that kept the spriggan at bay was a deadbolt lock.

Oboe bent down to touch Fife. Her whole body ached. It hurt to try and use her magic. She pushed past the stinging pain and reached to undo the knot Bassoon had tied. The spell came loose, and Fife took the shape of a faun again. He grabbed Oboe as her knees gave out.

“You did it,” he said. “I can’t believe we’re alive!”

The doors burst open. Armed spriggan poured into the room. Oboe shoved Fife away and grabbed the sword. “Get Theo,” she said, stepping forward to block their path.

Épée was at the head of the guard. Her beak hung open as her eyes scanned the destruction. “What… what is this?! What have you done?!”

“You know what happened,” she said, pointing the sword at them. “You felt it. We all felt it.” Her breathing was labored. “She’s dead. I killed her.”

Heads turned. Panicked murmurs. Some weapons lowered, others were readied. Fife helped Theo to his feet, and brought him close. Oboe tried to remember all the fighting advice Theo had given her. There were ten guards to fight. Maybe more coming. The sword gave her a chance, but she was at her limit. Theo and Fife were battered too.

“Oboe!” Theo reached out to her, leaning against Fife. “Are you okay?!”

“I’m fine.” She kept her eyes forward. “Can you fight?”

He hesitated. “I…” No. He was too sweet.

“Forget it.” Oboe tightened her grip. Theo couldn’t stand to hurt anyone. He cared about everyone. That’s not what they needed right now. They needed someone who was going to do what it took to survive.

“This isn’t real.” Épée’s eyes had glazed over. “She can’t be dead. The Lady was perfect. How could someone like you have killed her…?”

Oboe swiped the air with the sword. “I’ll show you.”

Épée drew her daggers. “You nameless weed! We will have your head for this!!”

“Do you think I’m afraid of you!?” Oboe said. “I just killed the Queen of the Fairies. You’re nothing to me! If you think you can stop me where she couldn’t, then let’s do this!”

Épée was trembling. She exchanged terrified glances with her troop. Their postures wilted. A spear was thrown to the floor, and then a sword. Every weapon clattered to the floor and the spriggans cleared away from their door, bowing. Even Theo was staring at her in awe.

“Let the others know.” Oboe said. “We’re leaving.” Cadets scurried off to spread the word. Oboe marched past the cowering fairies, leading Theo and Fife out into the hall.

“Sister,” Fife said. “You just admitted to Queen Slaying. The Titled will hear of this. They will never give your name back.”

“They can keep it.”

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